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Espresso Classico
Espresso Classico
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Espresso Classico

Tin Donkey Coffee

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Fazenda Freitas


Patrocinio - Minas Gerais


Osmar Pereira Nunes


Mundo Novo




920-1100 masl
Cup Score:




Dark chocolate, plum and vanilla with a long and pleasant after taste.


The production of coffee began on Fazenda Freitas 35 years ago in 1984 when Osmar Junior, better known as Juninho, planted 10 hectares of Arabica coffee in the soil of Cerrado Mineiro. These first 10 hectares provided about 100 bags of exportable coffee. Now they have 114 ha of coffee planted in the micro-region within the Cerrado. For Juninho, the real pleasure is walking onto the farm during the flowering to take in the beauty and intense sweet aromas the flowerings produce.

Now Osmar and his son Gabriel run the Nunes Estates and they believe part of their success is due to the continually renovating 10-15% of the farms each year allowing the opportunity to trail new varieties and then also processing methods with these. On the farms, they are very interested in experimenting with fermentation styles and yeast to see the impact on the cup. In 2017 on the farm they produced the winning Cup of Excellence Pulped Natural coffee. Now they have constructed their own lab on the farm to cup and assess their experiments giving greater versatility to choosing processes during the harvest.

In the micro-region of Fazenda Freitas Gabriel & Nunes feel they have an excellent climate especially during the harvest which has little rain allowing them to experiment with the coffees in a stable environment.

The coffee was selectively picked and fermented in tanks for 36 hours in cherry form, without the addition of water. After controlled fermentation, the coffee was laid out in thick mounds on the patio where it was dried for a total of 20 days.


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